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Searching for electrical contractors Ottawa property owners know, like and trust for their homes and businesses? Here is a history lesson on the National Electrical Contractors Association.

The History of National electrical contractors commenced in Buffalo, New York due to a social movement involving labor disputes over working conditions and wage increases.  The Pan-American Exposition began in 1901 where electrical contractors bound together to form a social response to trades worker discrimination that was taking place at that time throughout the United States and North America.  Another reason for the formation of the National Electrical Contractors Association was because the length of time it took to manufacture parts was an issue so working together to trade parts was a popular solution.  

Electrical Contractors Ottawa History Lesson Con’t:

Electrical contractors were also having difficulty finding jobs involving electricity as people did not rely on it nearly to the extent people did throughout the 20th century and of course nowhere near the amount in our current technological fiasco in the 21st century that has left us all vulnerably dependent on electrical technologies in our everyday life.  The first rule in the Constitution of the National Electrical Contractors Association was, “The fostering of trade among electrical contractors…to reform abuses…to settle differences between its members…and to promote more enlarged and friendly discourse among its members.”  

electrical contractors Ottawa
electrical contractors Ottawa

The National Electrical Contractors Association head office is located in Bethesda, Maryland and continues to solve electrical issues just like your local Certified Ottawa Electricians in Canada’s capital region.

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