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Are you searching for an electrician Ottawa property owners know, like and trust? At Certified Ottawa Electricians our number one priority is to provide excellent customer service. We’re so devoted to our clients and their happiness that it overtakes everything else that we do in our day-to-day life. Our managers and electrical contractors do not fall in love with our products or service. They do not fall in love with our company. We fall in love with our clients.

Everything we do revolves around the concept of client devotion. You will not find many electrical companies that take this philosophy seriously. One reason being the massive shortage of electrical contractors that are certified in available to do the work. Many companies survive in our industry without actually even having certifications! This is besides the fact that they provide absolutely atrocious customer service.

electrician Ottawa
electrician Ottawa

The relationship we have with our clients resembles more of one where you are under our guidance and protection rather than simply a number or a notch on a belt of customers that may or may not be returning to us in the future or referring us to their friends and family after their great experience. What we teach our managers and technicians in the field is to think of themselves as having a relationship with our clients that is more like the one they have with their accountant, family doctor, lawyer or dentist.

Our Electrician Ottawa Service Finds You A Solution To Your Electrical Problems Fast!

electrician in Ottawa
electrician in Ottawa

The objective for us is to maintain such a high level of customer service that clients are so happy with us and look back at their decision to work with us as one of the best in recent memory when it comes to home maintenance investments. Of course getting repeat business is important to us after all we are looking to turn a profit at the end of the day and feed our families but it is not the foundation of what’s important to us at our business.

Speaking of families, at Subway and some of the other major chains out there they teach people in there academies that when they make each and every sandwich they are to think in their mind that they’re making it for a family member or friend. So we thought why not adopt that practice in our electrical company. We thought it would only yield positive results and that has been overwhelmingly the case. In advance we thank you for considering to use us to serve you and to provide you with a pleasant and positive experience that will leave you smiling and safe.

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To learn more about how Certified Ottawa Electricians can help you with your electrical services in Ottawa, ON, give us a call today at (613) 800-2661. If you’re in the Ottawa region, we’re proudly serving: Ottawa, Nepean, Barrhaven, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Vanier, Ottawa South, Carp, Kemptville, Cumberland, Rockland, and Carlsbad Springs. Just inquire, and we’ll get an electrician Ottawa communities proudly refer to friends and family to solve their electrical problems.

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