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4 Things to Know When Hiring Electrical Contractors in Ottawa

Posted on: November 23rd, 2013 by Electrician Ottawa

No matter how much of a handyman/woman you are, electrical contractors in Ottawa who are specialized, insured, and licensed are a must have for all electrical renovations or modifications. Having dealt with many electrical contractors professionally and personally, here are some words of wisdom for homeowners looking to hire electrical contractors in Ottawa.

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Choose Integrity First When Hiring Electrical Contractors in Ottawa

Word of mouth is a proven method of finding great contractors in town. Nevertheless, it has its ups and downs. When choosing a contractor always make sure that you like the person doing the work for you. The investment is for your home as well as the people doing the work. Pre-screened electrical contractors in Ottawa are often just as effective as referrals by word of mouth, as they have been screened and interviewed for their quality of work and customer service ability.

Avoid Kijiji & Craigslist like the plague

Unless you are looking for a used guitar or a cassette player you’re in the wrong place. These dark corners of the internet are the places where scammers and the desperate lurk for unsuspecting customers to come through and take their bait. These people will very often be fly-by-night electrical contractors and not serious about their business. Of course there are some honourable people on these sites, but they have been mixed in with the rest of the riff raff. It is not worth your time to sort through all of the possibilities looking for the best electrical contractors in ottawa.

Avoid General Contractors

These will often be large companies who employ many subcontractors under their label. They charge the subcontractors exorbitant fees in order to float their oversized businesses and essentially gouge the little guys out of their living. These sky-high charges eventually get passed on to you, the clients. The best electrical contractors in Ottawa will be self-employed and their living will be entirely dependent of the quality of work they do for you.

Hydro Ottawa is a great source of information…

For all of your electrical renovation and modifications, Hydro Ottawa will have great information about where cables are buried and any necessary permits that you will need in order to start your renovation process.

Other Electrician In Ottawa Services

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Certified Electrician Ottawa

Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by Electrician Ottawa

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Certified Electrician Ottawa

Certified Electrician

Certified Ottawa Electrician is Ottawa’s number one choice for all electrical repair and installation needs and remember size doesn’t matter! There is no job too big or too small for our experts at Certified Ottawa Electrician.  We take pride in our legitimate business practices and we are proud owners because all of our employees have worked hard to become certified electricians.  Our valued customers are proud to be part of our customer base because of the quality and local electrician services that we provide to all of our commercial, residential and industrial size clients.

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Certified Ottawa Electricians get most of our clients from a solid referral system of intelligent people that know to ask around ahead of time to friends and family prior to making a decision on who will conduct maintenance or installation of electrical related desires for their home or commercial operation.  Electricity is something that is of particular concern for any home owner, commercial or industrial property owner as the proper maintenance, function and installation of your electrical systems are crucial to avoid the risk of possible health hazards, accidents resulting in serious injury or worse death.  Certified Ottawa Electricians are here to put an end to your concerns regarding electrical liability involved with having the responsibility as a commercial property owner, landlord or family homeowner.

Frequently asked questions on Certified Ottawa Electricians

Certified Electrician OttawaIf you are wondering about what electrical certifications all of our valued employees are required to have to be permitted to work for us here at Certified Electrician Ottawa your questions will soon be answered after a brief introduction.  Many of our workers at Certified Ottawa Electricians come from Alberta where they were required to be re-evaluated by the Red Seal Certified Electricians certificate program through the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities.  All of our out of province employees were required to re-write the entry test with a proficiency of 70% or higher on the written examinations.  Every employee at our company possesses a valid 309A ticket which certifies us to do work on your home, industrial or commercial electrical systems.  Electrical certifications vary and many electricians think they can work in areas that they are not legally certified to work within. This is problematic because electrical technologies are rapidly changing in the technological age of the 21st century therefore it is more important than ever to hire electrical contractors with adequate legal certified electricians.  For example a 442A electrical certificate does not permit the electricians to conduct certified electrical activities in residential areas.  These responsibilities are isolated to 309C Domestic & Rural Electrician license holders.  By choosing Certified Ottawa Electricians you can be sure to have an electrician for your desired area which gives all of our valued customers piece of mind every time guaranteed.

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Are you frustrated with your current certified electrician company?  Is your current certified electrician not meeting your expectations?  At Certified Ottawa Electricians we guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

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Industrial Electricians in Ottawa

Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by Electrician Ottawa

Why hire industrial electricians in Ottawa?

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Industrial Electricians in Ottawa

Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians in Ottawa are used in large commercial settings such as metal manufacturing plants or other conventional massive operations.  Industrial electricians in the field that make an effort to improving their education will have the most success in this field as the procedures and regulations are constantly changing without warning and at an incredibly rapid pace.  Just like communication technology, electrical technology is changing at a rate that would have not seemed possible prior to the technological revolution that has been occurring since the dawn of the internet.  An industrial electrician is often marked at the top of the electrician game.  However some do take on other tasks that are management related in order to keep the metal manufacturing plant operational without electrical disruptions.

Electricians are often required to do immediate maintenance to large machines or electrical panels off hours in the case of an emergency.  These people have a difficult occupation as they can be called to duty in a crucial situation at any point that the owner of the manufacturing plant may have electrical issues.  Electricians are perceived as the hands on electrical repair people but they need a strong knowledge of electrical engineering including the ability to understand and interpret blueprints of a space that is not visible from the ground level.  Industrial electricians in Ottawa not only have to be intelligent in several areas of electronics, but they also need to have some guts to go into unconventional work spaces to complete maintenance, repair or replacement of existing electrical circuits and systems.

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