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Posted on: October 30th, 2014 by Electrician Ottawa

The best electrical heater maintenance services that would fit in your budget.

Have you ever thought of what can happens when home owners don’t do their electrical heater maintenance often enough?

Electrical heater maintenance

Electrical heater maintenance

  Aging electrical heater panels can pose serious risks to your family, as rusts and oil accumulations can ware down on the efficiency of current flow into the heating panels.

   This will not only cause wiring to melt, circuit tripping, electricity fluctuations can  dimming other appliances and unintended spike in heat. Failing to get your electric    heater checked can cause your electric panel to collapse as insulation wares off making  your financially vulnerable.

So, what are you waiting for? When our team of master electricians are there to fix your    problem and help you gain financial freedom. We have got more expertise than anyone else in the city and with 25 years maintaining old electric panels. We do heating units replacements, digitize reading meters, rewiring and free consultations, re-insulate wiring and panel bonding all are done according to Ontario federal certifications. Imagine, having clean electric heater and wiring systems without any headache of maintaining them for next four years. To keeping you safe, We often conduct emergency site visits to ensure that our team is living upto the responsibilities that you bestowed upon us. During the inspections, we usually ask for your inquiry regarding the performance of our team, doing this would help us to improve not only the job quality, but your needs as well.

Besides Electric heater maintenance, we also provide other various other electrical maintenance services. We include:

  • Code violations inspections

  • Installations service and maintenance

  • Service upgrades

  • Electric pumps maintenance.

  • Electrical Maintenance contractor

  • Electric Heater repair maintenance

  • Electrical heater maintenance

  • Emergency electrical maintenance

  • Residential heater maintenance

  • Landscape lighting maintenance

  • Home electrical maintenance

  • Electrical maintenance  instrumentation

Electrical heater maintenance in Ottawa

Electrical heater maintenance in Ottawa

Our team consists of 8 certified Master electricians with 25 years of experience in average; they all have the following qualifications with BBB and ESA accreditation, ECRA registered, 95% successful completions rates, 25 years of safe operations, Tested and licensed Master electricians, Reasonable rates, Reliable, Punctual, Values your precious times and frequent Emergency on-site visits.Our positive customer feedback had been biggest testament of our successes and with you we will reach our mile-stone of best service in the town. Besides, we constantly train our electricians with new methods of service and procedure based on federal government directives.


Certified Ottawa Electricians

340 Albert St. Suite 1300
Ottawa, ON K1R 7Y6
Phone: (613) 800-3132

Looking for Electric Heater Maintenance in Ottawa at a tight budget? Call us at 613 800 3132 we will provide you with free estimates for Electrical Heater Maintenance service .




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