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Posted on: October 30th, 2014 by Electrician Ottawa

Confessions of old home buyers when dealing with old electric panels.

Electric panel repair works can be messy, time consuming and dangerous. And, when it comes to old homes it becomes an up heel struggle to get you head around the mess.

Electric Panel

Electric Panel

Have you ever thought of seeking professional help, which comes with a  good bang for    bucks?

Mr and Mrs Robertsons have owned an old colonial style cottage for 70 years.  They  soon embarked on the expensive and unpleasant journey of getting to fix their rusty  and partially burned down electric panels. The electric breakers are all but damaged  due to leaky water pipe inconveniently positioned just above circuit breaker. Most of all , the socket all around the house were still had vintage 2 wire outlets, and they wants to  upgrade their 100 AMP panel to 200 AMP. The challenging part is they want to get this sorted out before they invite their kids and grand kids for the holiday. With only 7 weeks left for summer, will the Robertsons going to make their house ready for summer?

Electric Panel

Electric Panel

Now, stop with your worries when we are around to help.As a professional experts near you,   we can help you set up federal government approved GCFI (ground fault circuit      interrupter)  based branch circuitry in your old home, without costing you much. From, 25      years of service, we have successfully set up GCFI  circuits with 3 year service warranty.    Besides, we will provide you with free quotes and suggestions that will help you to get  started fast and without hassle of carrying the burden of extra works.

Besides, re-wiring old homes under stringent government approved regulations, we also    provide following services:



Electric panel services

  • circuit breaker maintenance

  • Electric panel maintenance

  • Electrical Circuit maintenance

  • Home electric panel maintenance

  • Electrical wiring and maintenance

  • Electric pump maintenance

  • Electric circuits documentations

  • dispatch for emergency maintenance

  • 24/7 maintenance service

We have assembled team of insured and certified master electrician with 25 years of experience in electric panel re-wiring and circuitry documentations. We train our electricians and all of them are BBB and ECRA accredited. We ensure the following responsibilities are undertaken by our team are:


  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Emergency response
  • Must be ESA certified
  • Have GCFI licensed
  • Prompt
  • Positive attitude

Our team here in Certified Ottawa Electrician is ready to provide you the services that you deem most important considering your present financial situations. Besides, we strive to improve the skills of our electricians, by constantly upgrading our training manuals, all are done in line with federal government based safety regulations.


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So sit back and relax, we will take care of your worries! Call us immediately we will provide you with free estimates electric panel service , at 613 800 3132. 








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